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How Can Personality Affect Your Sports Bet Predictions?

Many years ago in ancient Greece, some scholars developed a system of animal analogy to determine the character traits that impacts humans' ability to make successful predictions. So which one are you: a fox, or a hedgehog? The fundamentals of this system can easily be applied to the pastime of gambling and provide some insight into the player's ability to make good sports bet predictions at Pinnacle Sports Casino.

"Foxes know many things and the hedgehog knows one big thing." This suggestion by Archilochus, a Greek poet, is the beginning of a concept that characterizes the way humans think as being similar to traits of either a fox or a hedgehog. A man named Philip Tetlock has spent two decades studying predictions with the hedgehog and fox distinctions. For somebody who wants to make accurate sports bet predictions, learning which character traits you identify with can help improve betting skills over time. Some of the fox-like characteristics that are essential to this include the adaptability to try multiple approaches or find new ones if something isn't working; cautiousness to be wary of jumping in without study; and the ability to remain empirical, preferring observable data rather than theories and personal anecdotes. Hedgehog characteristics include dedication to a main issue, stubbornness in the form of blaming mistakes on luck, and confidence since they rarely give up a position.

As you can see, in this industry, it is more desirable to incorporate the traits of the fox into your approach. A fox-like approach is able to observe changing circumstances and adjust the next move accordingly. However, this does not mean that you will be infallible if you possess or work toward these characteristics. Humans do get things wrong inevitably; you just want to try to use approaches that can maximize the chances of getting it right once in a while. By working to have positive characteristics of analysis, logic, adaptability and caution, you will find that not only will you see good results in your gambling endeavors, but in every other important area of your life and relationships as well.