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Canadian Sports Betting Online

Sports and gambling may not be the two things that first come to mind when thinking of Canada, but they are more popular than many people are led to believe. It may not be the favored form of gambling, but based on recent surveys, between 3% and 12% of Canadians participate in some form of sports betting online each year. There are many local regulated outlets for this pastime but most of these only allow what is known as parlay betting, which is used to wager on several games that happen on the same night. These outlets do not allow for wagers on individual games whereas the online outlets do.

There are many popular events in Canada that are generally wagered on by the populace. Because of its proximity to the United States, there are many of these that overlap. Hockey is one of the most popular events in sports betting online because it is fast paced and exciting. There are 7 Canadian teams that currently play in the National Hockey League, and the game is popular with all ages. Curling is another game that has a devoted following, especially because of its growing popularity as a competitive sport in the Winter Olympics. Lacrosse, which is only regionally popular in the United States, is very popular as well in Canada. Other games that have some margin in this popular industry include, football, baseball and basketball.

Pinnacle Sports Gambling is one of the best places available for Canadian gamblers to place wagers on individual games, no matter what event the gambler may find interesting. Online gambling outlets are not restricted to parlay betting, so it is much easier to make a decent wager on a single game, especially when those wagering are fairly certain of the outcome. While Canada is currently working on a bill that will allow each province to decide whether or not to allow individual wagers in sanctioned outlets, currently the only option that allows this is online. Visit the Pinnacle website to learn more about this exciting pastime and maybe make a few wagers in the meantime.