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Basic NFL Football Betting Strategies

NFL football betting is popular at many Canadian online sites, and this is especially true since speculation of whether the CFL would ever combine with its American counterpart for the purpose of competing against one another. Of course, everyone in the country still likes to bet on these US teams as they not only put on a great show, but they also help stir up some competition. There are three primary ways to place wagers: money line, handicap and total points. With a money line, you're simply putting an amount of money on the team that you think is going to win. With a handicap, the same thing applies but a points handicap is processed when the bet is placed. Finally, with a total points wager, you'll be guessing how many points will be scored between both teams in a single event.

Now, there are some strategies for strategies for NFL football betting that you might want to understand prior to putting your money down. Since handicap is the most popular way to do things, you need to understand that it's important to be able to estimate by how many points team A is going to beat point B. There are several different ways in which you can do this, but the most common (and the most effective) include considering the yardage differentials, the home field advantage and key margin numbers. The yardage differential is a combination of the average offensive yardage and the number of yards that are allowed during defensive strategies. Of course, most teams do better on their home turf, so consider whether or not your choice will be at home. Finally, key numbers include 3, which is the most common difference in scores at the end of games and 7, which follows at a very close second.

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