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Top Casino Offering Galewind Software

In addition to major software brands such as Microgaming, there is an alternative range of casino gaming software operating online. A prime example is the GaleWind software employed at Pinnacle Casino. Online gambling titles that make use of this software are craps, Bells and Whistles, Gems of Isis and Double Bonus Poker, all of which are popular with players worldwide. With about 12 table games and 12 slots, the venue offers a smaller range of instant play titles than many of the bigger online casinos but this is more than offset by giving players unrivaled odds of winning.

Graphics on Pinnacle's site are perhaps not as fancy as some sites' offerings but their titles are smooth to play as well as fast, making for a truly satisfying gambling experience. GaleWind's version of video poker has a very competitive record when it comes to paytables and it outperforms the payouts on the software behind most other online casinos. A visit by a Canadian player to this company's video poker machines reveals a link that shows players the best strategy to use when playing this game.

As for the ever popular slot games or pokies, the long term mainstay of conventional casinos, the house edge associated with the casino gaming software used online at Pinnacle is below 3% compared with the more than 5% margin used by most competitor online casinos. With such odds working more in favor of Canadian players, it is no surprise that Pinnacle is a popular choice for online gambling. After all, working out the odds is at the heart of all successful betting.

With the players' hard earned money at stake, absolute trust is central to any casino's business and GaleWind is one of the only software companies to close down a licensee casino (Heroes Casino in 2009) over unjustified deduction of players' money. The company actually went so far as to pay the relevant players directly when the Heroes Casino refused to do so, proof positive that this software company is truly prepared to put its money where its mouth is.