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How to Bet On Hockey and Win More Often

People all over Canada and other parts of the world certainly love their NHL hockey. After all, there is no other sport that is so intense, so gritty and so pulse-pounding. As such, it should come as no surprise that a large percentage of the individuals who watch this sport regularly are also interested in placing wagers on their favorite teams. However, outside of a friendly bet with a friend, many people simply have no idea how to bet on hockey - especially in an online setting. The truth is, though, that with all of the dozens of venues that are available today, things have been simplified to the point that even a beginner can create an account, make a deposit and place a stake in as little as 10 to 15 minutes!

Most sites these days also offer live wagering which is a form of gambling in which users can place stakes even after the game has started. During the first and second period intermission - well after the start - individuals can place stakes on a single handicap line, a single money line, or a single total. In this manner, no one is left out just because they forgot to take care of things prior to the start of the event. However, it should be noted that there are never any live odds made available following the third period in the event of a tie, and there are none available between overtime and shootout rounds, either. Most of the time, margins run at a total of about 5% and provide an outstanding payoff overall.

One of the absolute best places out there to learn how to bet on hockey is the Pinnacle Sports Casino. While most venues offer the 5% margin, Pinnacle offers only 4% for an even better opportunity! They also high limits: $1,500 on the handicap, $3,000 on the money line, and $1,500 on the total. This can certainly produce some huge payouts rather quickly! Of course, there are also have plenty of bonuses and promotions available, and you can always place wagers prior to the commencement of the events, too.